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Wonogiri is district Country which is. I was born Wonogiri a small city is beautiful one the location is central java south east of Solo city, it's about 1 hour from Solo city. The meaning of Wonogiri from words of Wono is Jungle and Giri is Mountain, so Wonogiri is kind of a small city which is surrounded by thousand mountains which is an interested in seeing there is a dam called Waduk Gajah Mungkur it's good place for the tourism also the best view in that city a specially Wonogiri it self in this dam there is a competition Gantole (a flying kite ), Jet ski, don't miss it every year the end the year also he held, Marathon National Championship which is followed by the Attlets nationals and can not be left behind from other countries. If you want see more about Wonogiri come and join us

Maret, 20 2008
Pulang kampung kangen Emak

3 komentar:

  1. Kristina DIAN Safitry on 26 Maret 2008 00.02

    duh, yang baru pulang kampuung... kapan2 aku mau main ke wonogiri ah...kayaknya menarik tuh... ada yang mau nemenin ndak ya?he..he...

  2. genx on 26 Maret 2008 01.36

    boleh kl mau tak temenin hehehe

  3. Rie Rie on 28 Juni 2008 20.23

    hura mudeng karo basane wong landa iki, hik hik hiks...


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